Johnny Baca, aka "Johnny 23", is a secondary antagonist in the film Con Air. He is a convict guilty of numerous rapes and possesses a criminal lust for Guard Sally Bishop, who was held prisoner when their prison plane is hijacked by fellow convicts. Johnny 23 is portrayed by Danny Trejo.

Johnny 23 is one of many prisoner transfers sent aboard the prison plane "the Jailbird" to a supermax facility in Mobile, AL. He is first seen having a conversation in Spanish with fellow convict Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom, who is familiar with his serial rape history. Johnny shows him his tattooed arm, bearing twenty-three hearts, symbolizing the women he raped, but adds that he would be called "Johnny 600" if anyone knew the truth about him, suggesting that he's raped hundreds of women. Grissom bluntly expresses his hatred of rapists, though he says he will make an exception for Johnny.

When Grissom and other conspirators take over the plane soon thereafter, Johnny attempts to rape Guard Sally Bishop, but is thrown aside by Cameron Poe, an honorably discharged U.S. Army Ranger on parole. After attempting to start a brawl with Poe, Johnny is ordered by Grissom to leave Bishop alone, under threat of being thrown off the plane in-flight.

Upon arriving at Lerner Airfield for an escape jet, Johnny does some reconnaisance at the air traffic control tower and spots a force of police and SWAT Team members en route. While Grissom and the other convicts engage them, Johnny returns to the plane to rape Bishop. Poe's incapacitated friend "Baby-O" attempts to stop Johnny, but can only try to delay him. Fortunately, Poe returns to the plane just in time to seize Johnny and subdue him. Having escaped the police and SWAT Team, Johnny is left chained up while the other convicts celebrate, probably due to Grissom's previous refusal to allow Johnny near Bishop.

When the Jailbird is attacked by military helicopters, Poe takes control of the plane and Grissom is knocked unconscious by Bishop. The plane crash lands in Las Vegas, NV. Johnny is the only one killed in the process, his tattooed arm severed from his body and left hanging inside the wreckage as arriving police and paramedics carry his body away.


A serial rapist, Johnny 23 is lustful towards women. He is convicted of rape on 23 counts, but tells Cyrus he has raped hundreds of women. He is shown be lustful towards Bishop, claiming "to have a special spot on his arm just for her", and that "when she wakes up, he'll be known as Johnny 24". He is shown to be afraid of Cyrus, who threatens to kill him if "his dick jumps out of his pants". He despises Poe for stopping him from raping Bishop.