This is a list of Guards in Con Air.

Aboard the Jailbird

Sally Bishop (played by Rachel Ticotin)

Falzon (played by Steve Eastin)

Bobby Chambers (played by Matthew Barry) - He is the medical guard aboard the Jailbird. He is killed by Diamond Dog when he sticks his handcuffs in his neck.

The Pilot (played by Fredric Lehne) - He takes Benson's place in the transfer to Carson City.

Mack The Co-Pilot (played by Marty McSorley) - He is killed by Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom, who then takes his gun.

Donald (played by Doug Hutchison) - In the extended version, he is killed by Garland Greene.

In Carson City

Starkey (played by Dylan Haggerty) - He is the head of security in Carson City. He is killed by Cyrus.

Bus Guard (played by Scott Ditty)