Willie Sims is a minor character in the film Con Air. He is a DEA agent sent aboard the prison plane "the Jailbird" undercover as a convict to acquire information from Francisco Cindino, who was awaiting transfer in Carson City. Disobeying a direct order to go aboard unarmed, Sims is given a small pistol. When the plane is hijacked by the prisoners held aboard, Sims is killed in an attempt to retake the plane. He is portrayed by Jose Zuniga.

Sims first appears at Vacaville, CA, awaiting the arrival of his fellow DEA associate Duncan Malloy. They meet with U.S. Marshal Vince Larkin, who is supervising the flight, along with his associate Skip Devers. Their goal is to acquire important information from convicted South American drug cartel leader Francisco Cindino, awaiting transfer in Carson City, NV. Sims is apparently well-informed about the Cindino family and their business. After gaining no useful information, the flight would be their last chance before Cindino is taken into FBI custody. Malloy does not wish for them to succeed where the DEA has failed.

While Sims is briefed on the various prisoners to be flown aboard, Larkin orders him to take no firearms aboard, creating a conflict of regulations. Under threat of being refused on board the plane, Malloy tells Sims to cooperate. Before leaving, Sims takes notice of Cameron Poe, a former U.S. Army Ranger on parole after accidentally killing an individual. As Sims is prepared to step aboard the plane, Malloy takes charge of routine examination for contraband, and slips a small pistol in Sims' sock.

Upon being seated, Sims shows a mild displeasure in the arrogant manner of which Guard Falzon punishes an uncooperative convict (Karls) for insulting him. Shortly after the plane departs, convict "Pinball" Parker creates a distraction, allowing him to release Nathan "Diamond Dog" Jones and Cyrus "the Virus" Grissom from their cages, who proceed to take over the plane.

Grissom and Diamond Dog tell the prisoners that their cooperation would ensure them a luxurious life of freedom under Cindino's employment and financial provision. No sooner is Sims released from his restraints, rather than bide his time, the inexperienced agent pulls the pistol from his sock and seizes Pinball, holding him hostage. Using Guard Sally Bishop as a shield, Grissom puts him in a faceoff, showing no concern if Sims were to kill Pinball, while Bishop attempts to persuade Sims to kill Grissom at the cost of her own life. Cameron Poe steps in between them and tries to calm Sims down, only to be threatened by him, as well. Poe explains that Sims can't control the situation until another convict (Popovich) distracts him. Sims manages to kill Popovich but the incident gives Grissom an opening to shoot Sims. A horrified look is the last thing on Sims' face as he looks up to see Poe sadly shaking his head, and drops dead.

Sims is later avenged at the end when Poe kills Cyrus.